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Hasan Group is a stunning collection of camps, nestled amongst the sandy dunes of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

Vacation living with family values.

We pride ourselves on giving all of our guests a luxurious stay to leave life-lasting memories, whilst ensuring to include the home comforts you have learnt to love.

Managed by seven brothers, family values and hospitality come at the forefront of our mission. Whether big or small, we are here to help with anything. Experience the renowned Bedouin hospitality first hand.

Our Story

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Like every great story, it all starts with an idea. Over twenty years ago, seven brothers put their heads together, and decided to start the first camp, Shaheen Camp Wadi Rum with only eight tents.​ Since then, Hasan Group has worked consistently to bring more camps and opportunities.​ Now collectively, we have over 100 tents across all our camps, along with plenty of tours and activities to help guests create an unforgettable experience in Wadi Rum, Jordan. 


Our Camps

Hasan Group is committed to enabling our guests to experience true Bedouin life, whilst ensuring to provide a memorable stay. We prioritize family values, and strive to treat each guest as we would our own.

Why Stay with Us?

At Hasan Group Jordan family values and hospitality come at the forefront of our mission. Whether big or small, we are always here to help. Experience the renowned Bedouin hospitality first hand.

24 Hour Service

5 Star Hospitality


Unforgettable Experiences


Hasan Zawaideh Camp

  • Perfect for groups, families, and social solo travelers

  • Our main hub of activity

  • 67 Deluxe Tents | 16 Martian Tents

  • Budget friendly and luxury options

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Hasan Zawaideh Luxury Camp 2

  • Perfect for couples

  • Our most luxurious collection

  • Minimal light and noise pollution

  • Panoramic Restaurant

  • 20 Martian Tents

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Mirage Camp Wadi Rum

  • Perfect for those who enjoy a secluded getaway

  • Breathtaking mountain views

  • Panoramic Restaurant 

  • 15 Deluxe tents | 5 Martian Tents


Shaheen Camp Wadi Rum

  • Perfect for those who enjoy a quiet secluded get away

  • Breathtaking mountain views

  • Panoramic Restaurant 

  • 15 Deluxe tents | 5 Martian Tents


Contact Us

  • I am staying at a different camp, why have I been told to arrive at Hasan Group parking?
    Due to the remote location of Hasan Luxury Camp 2, Shaheen Luxury Camp and Mirage Desert Camp, you will be asked to arrive at Hasan Group parking. This is a location just outside of Hasan Zawaideh Camp that has been purposed for our guests to leave their cars overnight. From here, you will be taken by Jeep to your camp, free of charge, and returned the next day.
  • Why have I been offered a stay at a different camp?
    There are times where we may offer you a stay at an alternative camp. This can be down to a number of reasons, such as unexpected issues with your allocated room, however it could also be suggested to accommodate our aim to keep all groups and parties in the same area, rather than splitting them. Even though you might be asked to stay at a different camp, we would like to assure you that all of our camps are at the same high standards.
  • Do the camps have Wi-Fi?
    Yes. All of our camps have free Wi-Fi in all common areas, around camps and in the tents.
  • Are there private bathrooms at camp?
    Yes. All of our tents have private bathrooms.
  • Is there access to hot water?
    Yes. We have access to hot water across our camps.
  • Can I bring children to your camps?
    Of course. We welcome guests of all ages to our camp. If an extra bed is required, please get in touch.
  • What type of plugs do you take?
    The majority of our tents have multi purpose plugs that fit a combination of plug types, however, if you do find yourself short on charge without an option, we can assist at reception.
  • Do you cater for dietary needs?
    Yes. Please get in touch at least 48 hours before your booking to inform us of any allergies or needs.
  • Is there a restaurant on site?
    Yes. Our restaurant provides breakfast and dinner in a buffet style. Lunch can be provided in a buffet style, or from a menu depending on the season. Please contact your camp for further information.
  • Is water provided?
    Yes. In our lobby, you will find complimentary chilled water, and bottled water is available for a small surcharge.
  • What tours can I go on?
    You can decide between a number of tours that you can find more information on by visiting your camps' Activity page. The most popular options are camel back tours or Jeep tours.
  • Do I have to book my tour ahead of time?
    No. You are welcome to book tours at the time of confirming your reservation, however if you do not do this, you are welcome to book tours at your camps reception.

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