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Our Locations

Hasan Zawaideh

Our main base, from what started as a few tents, to where we are now. Over fifty rooms, including Deluxe and Martian tents. A central location, with access from all vehicles, a hub of activity for Hasan Group.

Hasan Luxury
Camp 2

A peaceful bliss. The second camp to join our group, built with exactly the same love as we started with. This camp consists of only Martian tents with a spectacular view, and is set deep into Wadi Rum desert.

Luxury Camp

The camp where our story began, and still expanding. Over twenty years ago we opened Shaheen Luxury Camp, and secluded space with twenty Deluxe tents.


Opening mid August 2023, we are excited to bring the latest edition to our family, Mirage Desert Camp. Housing fifteen Deluxe Tents and five Martians, Mirage Desert Camp promises to be the perfect vacation.

Please note, that due to the remote locations of some of our camps, you may be instructed to arrive at Hasan Zawaideh Camp to leave your vehicle, from here, you will be transported via 4 x 4 to your accommodation free of charge.

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