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1.1 - These terms and conditions apply to all agreements for the renting of accommodation and to all associated goods and services provided by Hasan Group to the customer.

1.2 - The term “Hasan Group” refers to any of the camps included in our Locations page, and includes but is not limited to; any tours provided by Hasan Group, any goods or services provided by your camp or Hasan Group.

1.3 - The customer’s own terms and conditions shall only apply if expressed and agreed before the date of check in.

2.1 - The contracting parties are Hasan Group and the Customer. This agreement becomes effective when booking a stay, from the confirmation.

2.2 - The customer is obliged to pay to the agreed upon or applicable prices for the renting of a room, as well as for any provided services from Hasan Group.

2.3 - Hasan Group is entitled to request an advance or a security deposit when the booking is requested before confirming a reservation. The amount requested is determined by the number of people in the booking, and the number of rooms booked.

3.1 - A withdrawal of the customer is only possible if it has been expressly agreed upon by Hasan Group, or if a cancellation has been made in line with the below terms.

3.2 - A customer is able to cancel and withdraw from their booking up to 7 days before the check-in date without charge.

3.3 - If a withdrawal is made by the customer, whether this be in writing or in the form of not arriving on their check-in date, Hasan Group retains the right to claim the agreed payment, even if services have not been utilized.

3.4 - Hasan Group is entitled to withdraw without any charges up to 7 days before the check-in date, providing that notice is given by Hasan Group to the customer.

3.5 - In the event that Hasan Group withdraws from the agreement, no charges for services that have not been utilized will be claimed.

3.6 - Furthermore, Hasan Group is entitled to withdraw from the agreement, and decline use of services in exceptional circumstances and when reasonably justified, including but not limited to:

- Circumstances beyond the control of Hasan Group making the fulfillment of these terms impossible.

- Room booking giving a false or misleading representation of the parties, including the identity of the customer, purpose of the accommodation.

- Hasan Group has reason to believe that the use of the camp services may jeopardize the smooth operation of the camp, the safety or reputation of the camp in a way that is beyond Hasan Group’s control.

- Risk or interruption to any other guests at the camp.

- The purpose and/ or the occasion for the accommodation is illegal.

3.7 - A justifiable withdrawal by Hasan Group under term 3.6 at any time will not entitle the customer to any compensation or refund.

4.1 - Hasan Group cannot guarantee any specific room, the customer is welcome to request, but no compensation will be provided if this is not possible.

4.2 - The booked rooms shall be available from the time advertised by the camp; the customer is not entitled to demand an earlier check-in. Hasan Group will provide the rooms earlier than the advertised time where possible.

4.3 - On the date of departure, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that check-out times provided by the camp are adhered to. In the case of a later departure from the room, if not previously agreed, Hasan Group is entitled to charge any costs occurred due to this late departure. This includes damage to property, or costs for Hasan Group not being able to provide the room to a successor guest.

4.4 - The named party on the booking is responsible for the behavior and any damages caused by a member of their party, and any costs occurred to Hasan Group due to this will be charged to the customer.

5.1 - In the case of property brought to the camp, Hasan Group recommends any guest ensures the safe storage of valuables. Any property brought and stored in a camp is the responsibility of the customer, and Hasan Group will take no responsibility for damages or loss of items.

5.2 - When a parking space is offered by Hasan Group, this does not equate a safekeeping contract. For loss or damage to any vehicle parked or maneuvered on Hasan Group property, the hotel shall only assume liability if members of Hasan Group have been the cause.

6.1 - Smoking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is not permitted in areas of the camp where specified. The smoking of the mentioned items is not permitted inside of tents or rooms.

6.2 - Furthermore, any costs occurred for cleaning the room or replacing items that may arise will be charged to the customer.

7.1 - Hasan Group will provide tours and excursions to the customer where agreed. Hasan Group may cancel any tours or excursions with any notice if this is due to safety or issues beyond the Group’s control such as weather conditions.

7.2 - The customer agrees to disclose any medical conditions or health risks at the time of booking a tour, at this point Hasan Group will review and decide whether this tour is deemed suitable for the customer, where possible, Hasan Group will recommend alternative adjustments to accommodate, this can be but is not limited to the form of changing the time, length or transport mode or route. The customer understands that Hasan Group will take no liability for any issues caused by medical conditions that were not previously disclosed by the customer.

7.3 - It is customer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all belongings that are brought along on a tour, and in the event that something is forgotten or lost, to inform the Hasan Group representative on your tour as soon as possible. Hasan Group will not be liable for loss of any items.

8.1 - Any complaints regarding Hasan Group or any of the camps, tours, or connected members must be expressed via email to INSERT EMAIL. The customer agrees and understands that complaints not delivered in line with our process will not be addressed.

8.2 - The customer must first inform our staff about any issue or disagreement relating to rooms, experiences, Hasan Group or any of our camps in a reasonable timely manner. From here, we will attempt to resolve your issue without initiating the complaints process.

8.3 - In the event that we are unable to reach an agreeable solution, the customer will be advised to contact Hasan Group via email, this email should detail as much information as possible regarding the customer’s stay, including but not limited to: Lead booking name, camp, check-in / check-out dates, date and time of event if applicable, and details of the complaint.

8.4 - Hasan Group aims to review and reply to complaints within 3 working days, if we do require further time, you will be contacted and informed.

8.5 - Our response to complaints will be final, and when a customer is informed that there is no further information that Hasan Group will be looking to provide, Hasan Group reserves the right to cease contact.

9.1 - These terms are not an exhaustive list of Hasan Group's commitment to ensuring the well-staying of guests, and customer's responsibilites. If an event arises that has not been covered, Hasan Group will use reasonable and fair judgement to resolve.

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