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Our Values

Vacation living, family values.

Hasan Group is committed to enabling our guests to experience true Bedouin life, whilst ensuring to provide a memorable stay. We prioritize family values, and strive to treat each guest as we would our own.

Our Story

Like every great story, it all starts with an idea. Over twenty years ago, our family of seven brothers got our heads together, and decided what it was we wanted to do.

In early 2001, we started our first camp, what we know as Shaheen Luxury Camp today, was once only 8 tents. Since then, we've worked consistently to bring more camps and opportunities.

Now collectively, we have over 100 tents across our camps, with our new camp Mirage Desert Camp opening in the next few weeks, endless tour options and bespoke packages, the best is yet to come.

Our History

timeline of hasan group growth
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